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You Are A Writer

Sometimes unknowingly, doubts make us feel comfortable because we count ourselves out before attempting to do something. Just like, you know how much you believe something is possible, it makes you uncomfortable because now that means you will have to do it. If you are an aspiring writer, stop aspiring to be a writer because when you write, you are a writer. Start writing now and push the writing culture forward. Even if that means writing 500 words a day or 5 pages a day, you are still putting something out there. It doesn't hurt to build that mentality and know that things will not go your way but you are going to push nonetheless, be open-minded, get out of your comfort zone, and talk to other writers and learn from each other rather than being on defense mode that your writing will never be good enough.
Yes, it is going to be difficult. Especially hailing from a small town and raised in an Asian household, it's tough because a lot of times when you say what you want to do…

Lock-down, Physically, Not Mentally

Photo by Da Kraplak on Unsplash

The first time I heard my country was going on a national lock-down on 16th March, I knew things were going to be slightly different in my routine. It's safe to say that I had a premonition of the changes to take place in my life and the people that revolved around me. I wasn't going to catch the morning bus like I used to, grab my coffee and sandwich, and head to the office to write. In all things fair in love and home quarantine, I have been able to make most out of this period to reflect, improve and connect with myself.

So what exactly have I been up to?

1. Writing
Daily churning of articles for work has slowed down. While each written work published is well thought out and planned, I have been channeling my focus in writing my book, Yung & Jess - Two individuals starting an unlikely romance after a serendipitous encounter in a coffee shop. Their meeting is random and their lives glaringly dissimilar, but their paths are somehow intertwined. Outlining my characters, plots, and twists slowly, but surely, has immersed me and my senses in an experiential journey the moment I start typing away on an empty document. Ghostwriting on the side too, harnesses my writing capabilities. However, I am curious if there is any energy I would focus on when everything resumes to the norm.

2. Tidying Up Spaces
My creative space is my personal space. A little clutter does no harm to me, but unnecessary one does peeve. Arranging my books and files neatly on my creative space helps create balance between the quiet energy of dreaming and the full bloom of active, strong manifestation. Make no mistake though, the sight of natural elements such as greenery, wood and sunlight does make up for a tranquil writing setting. Unsurprisingly, I've been in great moods.

3. Reading
A little less conversation, a little more revolution. It's nice to be away for social media toxicity and (certain) people. Social distancing is a nice way to put it (laughs). While I grew up reading a lot of Japanese comics aka Manga, I've always had a predilection for American ones. That being said, I've been catching up on some good classics like The Archies, All Romances, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Fax from Sarajevo - There's something about comics from the 50's to the 90's taking me back in time to the dawn of colour illustrations. Life is uncertain but somewhat comical, and certain comic characters resonate with me.

4. Sketching
I've noticeably gotten fond of sketching without the need of following rules. There isn't a fixed plan or image in my head, I usually have conversations with my sketchbook and hey ho, I wound up with a casual illustration. The sound of gentle strokes of black ink brushing against the smooth Bristol paper soothes me and takes my seclusion to a different state of living in the present. It's nice, and I hope it stays that way for a while.

These are really just the things that keep me sane, aside from sipping tea and listening to classical Jazz. I suppose in tough situations like this, I prefer facing it with a set of hobbies that lighten the mood than stay anxious and be bored out of my wits.


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