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You Are A Writer

Sometimes unknowingly, doubts make us feel comfortable because we count ourselves out before attempting to do something. Just like, you know how much you believe something is possible, it makes you uncomfortable because now that means you will have to do it. If you are an aspiring writer, stop aspiring to be a writer because when you write, you are a writer. Start writing now and push the writing culture forward. Even if that means writing 500 words a day or 5 pages a day, you are still putting something out there. It doesn't hurt to build that mentality and know that things will not go your way but you are going to push nonetheless, be open-minded, get out of your comfort zone, and talk to other writers and learn from each other rather than being on defense mode that your writing will never be good enough.
Yes, it is going to be difficult. Especially hailing from a small town and raised in an Asian household, it's tough because a lot of times when you say what you want to do…

1st Generation Pokemon

Photo by Jay on Unsplash

Ever since I was little, I've been fascinated by creatures of the unknown and things that didn't exactly look ordinary. One of my childhood dreams was to have mythical creatures by my side as life-long companions and we would travel around the world discovering rare species or stones. At age of 7, I can definitely concur that dream was satisfied when I got my hands on Pokemon Red and Blue. It was definitely my first taste of adventure role-play and my imagination was went wild as I got eager to collect gym badges.

Sure, it didn't necessarily had the spectacular features like the newer generations but it sure served as a lovely piece of nostalgia for everyone in that era. The game wasn't about grinding your mains to extreme high levels, it was unapologetically about catching them all. Based in the Kanto region, you get an incredible choice of choosing your pokemon companion from 3 starters: Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Green may be my favourite colour, but fire is definitely the element for all my starter choice. Frankly, it doesn't matter what one decides to go with. You'll come to realize that each type makes for a unique experience and that your own choice will speak to your own play style.

My personal thoughts on the 1st Generation Pokemon is that, while it was a stress reliever in my primary schooling days, replaying it now and discovering hidden paths and items aside, the plot was rather bland. Do I have an issue with that? None. It was great at its time. Collecting Gym Badges, defeating the forces of Team Rocket (and constantly intervening and foiling their poorly 'devised' plans), Elite Four and in-game Rival. That's Pokemon, alright.

Love it or hate it, no one can deny that the original 1st Generation Pokemon helped form the foundation for the entire Pokemon series, and for many players their idea of “what a Pokemon is supposed to look like” There's no particular reason why I still play them other than it's nostalgia. It's easy to forgive the plot, too because you're in a virtual world with out-of-the-world creatures. My 7 year-old self was never picky and easily impressed, but who wouldn't be impressed by legendary pokemon Zapdos and Mewtwo?


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