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Lock-down, Physically, Not Mentally

The first time I heard my country was going on a national lock-down on 16th March, I knew things were going to be slightly different in my routine. It's safe to say that I had a premonition of the changes to take place in my life and the people that revolved around me. I wasn't going to catch the morning bus like I used to, grab my coffee and sandwich, and head to the office to write. In all things fair in love and home quarantine, I have been able to make most out of this period to reflect, improve and connect with myself.
So what exactly have I been up to?
1. Writing Daily churning of articles for work has slowed down. While each written work published is well thought out and planned, I have been channeling my focus in writing my book, Yung & Jess - Two individuals starting an unlikely romance after a serendipitous encounter in a coffee shop. Their meeting is random and their lives glaringly dissimilar, but their paths are somehow intertwined. Outlining my characters, p…

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