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Death Is Permanent But I...

I hit the rock-bottom for the past few months. This blog post is something I debated on writing. Who knows, maybe I will delete this in an hour later, or maybe it will overstay its welcome here. Either way, it is a good place to vent. I hate life.Regardless, every day I search for reasons to make life worth living. Being able to make it through the next day and see the sun rise, that is sufficient. I am still learning to choose life, each day, instead of death.Perhaps it is with the idea that everything I experience is temporary, therefore it should the pain I feel should come to an end eventually. Naivety at its best; a mask for optimism, some might say. What else is temporary? Sadness, happiness, pain, comfort, rain, sun, night, day, and so on. Does it not make you question why we tell someone we are having a bad day, but not a bad life? If you have a bad day, it finds its way to halt. Light is only significant in contrast to darkness. Comforting one's self by saying without the …

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